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Sweet Popcorn

Pair with Pale cream


There are a huge variety of gourmet popcorn flavours now widely available, try a sweet popcorn with a sweet sherry, especially coconut and caramel popcorn and PALE CREAM sherry.


Fiona Beckett , 101 Great Ways to Enjoy Sherry, United Kingdom Visit Website


Pairing Oloroso with food

Pale Cream must be served chilled, at around 7º C.

The ideal wine to pair with foie and pâté.

Very pleasant with fresh fruit (pear).


Pale Cream Fast Facts

Always chilled

Chill in the freezer and serve between 7 & 9º C.


Light and Sweet

A combination of the flor with sweetness.


Style of Glass

In a white wine glass or a wide rimmed glass with ice.

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